US Probation Officers, North Dakota, U.S.A


“Compared to previous Use of Force training, iPREP training is much more focused on environmental awareness, not to focus so much on points of threat, etc.”



“Not a frontline officer but iPREP definitely applies to my work stress in the office/while working with attorneys and deadlines.”



“Good instruction and knowledge of the information. Really appreciated the instructor’s willingness to discuss different aspects of the material and ways to personalize and apply it.”



“I believe I will be able to use the info DAILY, and in a number of situations.”



“You guys are awesome. This information will save lives.”



“I have always believed that breathing was beneficial to lowering heart rate. Now I KNOW it works and I will be able to communicate it to others. The app was HUGE in helping to confirm what you guys are teaching.”



“Doing the instructor course while helping a USER COURSE go through is GOLDEN! For immediate application of teaching the skill.”



“Because I’ve seen the evidence of controlling my heart rate, I know just by breathing that I can do it without the guide/tech.”



“You really need to see what “WORK” is doing to you physically and take control of it.”



“The trainers made it easy to learn and made it OK to make mistakes.”



“Loved the positive feedback.  I felt good about myself and my decisions after.”



“I see myself using iPREP training to recharge my batteries during long days.”



Urban Police Service, CANADA

“I now have the skills to calm my mind before/during a call to better deal with the situation”


“I will definitely use the breathing techniques and visualization, even outside of stressful calls now that I know there is scientifically proven data that these assist in training and developing policing skills”


“I always thought the training should be structured in a way to build up confidence like these four days, vs. demoralizing as the pre-existing military style training”


Re personal performance under stress: “Significantly improved – able to recognize and analyze actions vs. just going through the motions”


“I take my job seriously and wish to improve and keep growing. I felt that our training did not build confidence and am excited about the shift. I have also spoken to many colleagues who felt the same way, so I know it’s not just personal. I have very negative associations with training, and this course changed my perspective”


“…The same instructors delivered the material in a different way and it made all the difference. This course facilitates retention of material that is being taught versus just going through the motions” –


“Expand Use of Force training to this program once a year at least”


“Great training and almost IMPERATIVE. With increased scrutiny on police response to any critical incident, such training should be mandated to all officers”


“Improved [my] ability to make controlled and calculated decisions”


“Some of the best training we [have] received on the job. This should be mandatory for all officers. Great scenarios. Great knowledge based on empirical research”


“Thank you!!”


“Very worthwhile experience!”


“After seeing objective data (via iPod app) I felt more likely to employ breathing techniques”


“I felt I could make correct decisions prior to training, but now I can make a better correct decision” –


“…ability to access skills/tools is much easier”


“Great four days. Endless knowledge in the training. I feel more confident and skilled [at] keeping awareness of stress levels, [able] to slow things down to think about what’s important at each moment to succeed in various calls for service while at work and private life. Loved it and was glad I was able to participate”


“I felt this was very well tailored to policing”


“My ability to re-focus on a multi-level call was greatly improved”


“Assisted with becoming more agile and quicker thinking and reacting”


“The training has allowed me to calm down and re-assess. This makes it easier to access my tools” –


“Content and scenarios were excellent. This week has been fantastic. Great training.”


“I think all front line officers should receive this training. Doing scenarios once a year is not enough. We need to prepare ourselves for different situations, learn how to de-stress, and lower our heart rate to complete our jobs and tasks”


Logreglan Police, ICELAND


“It helps me make balanced decisions and pay better attention to details.”

“It will improve the process of learning, and have good effect on real scenarios.”

“By using these skills, you will be better in every Use of Force decision.”

“The whole thing is a bit of an eye opener.”


“Use the iPREP techniques in already training.”

“Making officers more mentally prepared for their jobs.”

“The training is very helpful on getting control of your mind under stressful situations.”

“The scenario training was realistic, and helpful getting officers able to use breathing to control their thoughts.”

“It is useful for a lot of scenarios from shooting exercise to difficult call outs.”

“All instructors were professional.”

“Will be excellent addition to training police officers.”

“This program has put it together in a compressed, easy to digest, package.”

“Easy to un-stress.”

“I will be better prepared.”

“Puts my mindset where I want it to be.”

“More positive build-up that helped build confidence.”

“Good Science!”

“Makes the job easier.”

“Great course and well presented. Much better than I had expected.”

“It makes more sense the iPREP way.”

“Break it up and introduce it step-by-step.”

“It will help in realizing the scenario correctly and make the right decisions.”

“Stress management is important factor on the job.”

“This course was very good and relevant to the current environment police officers are facing.”

“Useful to know the visualizing situations in real time give us up to 90% of doing the actual thing.”

“Will, without a question, help me in the field and as a teacher.”

“It’s different to how we usually train and was very good to get another perspective. Especially doing it slow to begin with”

“It simply works.”

“Will help me control the situation, keep calm and focused. Avoid tunnel vision, wrong decisions and panic.”

“When in control, you have better situational awareness.”

“I can monitor my progress and state during exercise.”

“I would have wanted this training when I came out of the academy. (Beginning of career)”

“For myself, I have learned more about my body and how it works and reacts and what I can do to prevent unnecessary action.”

“It is simple and easy to understand.”

“You will improve performance in the field, you will learn how to recover, this will help you to recover after acute stress, this can also help you with your long term stress.”



Finish Police University College, FINLAND 


“The psychological and physiological stress responses which you observed in our officers, as well as the intervention you piloted to reduce stress and improve performance, changed the way how we look at police training for stressful situations.”


“Officers who received the three day intervention outperform the untrained officers in every area. I am especially by how clearly the trained officers display controlled physiological responses to highly stressful training scenarios, enhanced situational awareness as well as improved decision making capacity.”


“…the officers themselves also reported benefits of the training as enhanced physiological control and decision making skills during highly stressful situations. They recommend every officer should receive this training.”